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John P.

"The 007 of Ebay: No One Does It Better! When I found BookGal to sell my "stuff", all my selling problems were over. She always knows what will sell, how to present it, and how to get the best deal every time. Fast, easy, and profitable. No one does it better."

Debbie M.

"Honesty, experience, responsiveness and accuracy are key factors when shopping, or selling, online. Book Gal from So Cal epitomizes those attributes. Whether buying from her or consigning items for her to sell for you, you can trust her implicitly. As a client, her research and expertise in all areas of eBay has made it a breeze to recycle items I no longer need at prices that are often astounding. She understands all aspects of listing, marketing, shipping, reporting and satisfying both the buyer and seller. She loves what she does and is a real pro, and partnering with her has been personally and financially rewarding!"

Jean S.

"I was referred to Anita Mawer, the "BookGalfromCal" several years ago. Along with being pleasant and a pleasure to work with, Anita is professional, honest, ethical, trustworthy, knowledgable, transparent, thorough and detailed. Anita has the uncanny knack of knowing what items will sell. She then goes to work researching and listing the items to receive the highest price. If you have things in your cabinets you no longer want or need, your pot of gold awaits you when you list your treasures with the BookGalfromCal."

Bryan M.

"Anita was recommended by a friend, and my spouse had been begging me to clear out the closets, cupboards and garage. I have been working with Anita for over a year now.

  • I trust her honesty and integrity.
  • Her communication is clear and prompt.
  • She goes the extra mile, asking me for clarification, getting consults from jewelers, etc.
  • If I have questions or concerns, for example about pricing or continuing to list something, she is always open to discussion and gives feedback.
  • Checks arrive promptly.
  • Monthly statements are clear and detailed.

I recommend Anita most highly!!"

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